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Edicola Caritas


Wolf Vostell




Energy, from 1973,  is one of Vostell’s most important installations, whose

meaning at first rests

upon the unconventional juxtaposition of two material desires – the Cadillac and bread – which at the same time confront two status symbols: the first, that of a world which has enough, the other that of a world which is starving.




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Caritas Internationalis

Caritas Italiana

Caritas Ambrosiana


message and experiental

itinerary concept

e del percorso esperienziale

Caritas Ambrosiana

Sara Zandrini

Alessandro Comino


architectural project





Collection Fluxus – Donation Gino Di Maggio Vostell Museum Malpartida . Junta de Extremadura

Josefa Cortés Morillo



Mercedes Vostell


Gino di Maggio



Graziella Bertolini

Luigi Garbini

Stefania Morellato

Gianluca Ranzi


Vostell’s symbolism show the car and unfettered consumerism as a danger to individual and collective peace.

In 1973, after the automotive boom of the previous decade, the first great petrol crises broke out, connected to acts of terrorism and guerrilla warfare. Faced with this situation, the Energy of the bread encloses the car like a therapy, a medicine to re-establish internal balance. It speaks of Vostell’s Humanism, meant to launch a social and political message of planetary significance.


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