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artache, who seek out every chance to promote the expansion of the public’s horizons with regard to culture, have always shared the strategies of the Laboratory for Contemporary Music in the Service of the Liturgy (Laboratorio di Musica Contemporanea al Servizio della Liturgia – LmcsL). This research facility was founded in Milan in 1999 and since then has carried out an intense promotional campaign for contemporary music, asking composers to write specifically for the revised liturgy.



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From this initiative, without equal in Europe, have come new compositions all performed for the very first time,

by composers such as Petrassi, Donatoni, De Pablo, Morricone, Guarnieri, Francesconi and many others (thirty-two).

After the first sessions, held in St Ambrogio’s Basilica in the presence of Monsignor Ravasi and Cardinal Carlo Maria

Martini, followed a further three: one in Bologna, presided over by Cardinal Giacomo Biffi; one in Venice; and the third

in St Mark’s Basilica in Milan, which in 2007 was also the venue for a mass for three bayans and six voices.

After a period of advanced research in the area of expressive forms of liturgical singing, the LmcsL is preparing a session

for 2018 wholly dedicated to the human voice, which will present seven creations by the most influential composers from

the contemporary music world.


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