A close relationship exists between the world of art and that of the sacred. Pauses has shown this. Not in an authoritative nor confessional way, but in an analogy:

that is, by means of the combination of heterogeneous elements from visual arts, music, dance and the world of words. The scenario is a monument of a religious

and civil civilisation, transformed into an enveloping container of finds: evocations and provocations.

Milan Cathedral


pause 2005



From darkest night to dawn.

From death to resurrection.

From music to dance.

From hands on the keyboard and on the strings of the violin to the entire body of the dancer.

From Stockhausen to Bill T Jones.


with thanks to


Milan Cathedral

Mons. Luigi Manganini



Don Luigi Garbini


Veneranda Fabbrica


Teatro alla Scala


main sponsor


Banca Intesa









Karlheinz Stockhausen

Shirin Neshat

Bill T. Jones


scenographic design

Paolo Gualdi

Le Grandi Immagini

Allestimenti scenografici

e tecnici


graphic design

Archive Appendix

Chiara Figone


Gillian Newson


Robert and Warly Tomei collection



Claudio Abate



Graziella Bertolini

Stefania Morellato



Karlheinz Stockhausen


Klang | Die 24 Stunden des Tages

The 24 Hours of the Day



Erste Stunde aus KLANG, Die 24

Stunden des Tages / First hour of

KLANG (SOUND), The 24 Hours

of the Day für Orgel, Sopran und

Tenor / for organ, tenor and soprano


An artache commission

for Milan Cathedral a world

première in the Cathedral



Organist | Alessandro La Ciacera

Soprano | Barbara Zanichelli

Tenor | Paolo Borgonovo

Sound Engineer | Igor Kavulek


Shirin Neshat


Video Installation





Bill T. Jones


Chaconne | Solo

Nurit Pact | Violinist



Stefania Morellato

Graziella Bertolini

Vivianne Abdel Messih


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