chiesa di san raffaele

2013 — 2016



Via Crucis

Emily jacir








Inspired by the history, collection and display of relics from Palestine throughout churches in Italy, in particular Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome, Jacir has created a contemporary Mediteranean Via Crucis in which she narrates both the Nakba and the contemporary refugee crisis through the narrative frame of the traditional

Via Crucis.



Via Crucis by artist Emily Jacir is another story told in things. Organized into fourteen individual stations on display along the side aisles in the church of San Raffaele in Milan, this newly completed permanent installation bears witness to the shared histories binding Italy and Palestine in a sequence of tangible, traceable objects. From spent M16 shells collected in the West Bank (X) to a photograph washed up on the shores of Lampedusa (VI), the wide-ranging items selected for the installation aim at memory the Passion of Christ in paraphernalia that speaks to the contemporary Palestinian experience. These are relics in the most literal sense; derived from the Latin relinquere, they are “the things having been left behind.” – John Lansdowne from “THE TRUTH IN MATERIAL THINGS”

with thanks to

Church of San Raffaele Archangel

Mons. Domenico Sguaitamatti



Don Luigi Garbini


Archdiocese of Milan

Archbishop’s Curia

Office for Cultural Heritage

Arch. Carlo Capponi


Emily Jacir


H. E. Mai Alkaila Ambassador

of the State of Palestine to Rome

and to the United Nations


Maria Bonatti Mameli

and Giovanni Mameli



George M. Al Ama

Khaled Jarrar

Samar Martha

Munther Qaryouti

Asem Naser

Majdal Nateel


Mindert de Koningh

ZOOI – Milan




Giuseppe Tamburini

Tamburini Vetri



Omar  Ferro

Fornace Ferro

Murano – Venice



Fabio Mantegna

Anthony Reynolds

Andrea Fustinoni

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Graziella Bertolini

Stefania Morellato

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